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Now Buying any quantities of…

 user 2005-08-31 at 11:13:00 am Views: 57
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    GREENTEC Now Buying any quantities of…

    Contact us today with your best offer!!  

                                                     Inkjet Cartridges

    Canon HP
    CA-BC02 Canon BJ200/230 HP-C1823D Deskjet Series LG Color LE-12A1980 Lexmark 3200/5000/5700 Colour
    CA-BC03 Canon Empty Printer Inkjet HP-C6625AN HP Deskjet 840C (17) LE-15M0120 Lexmark Z51/Z52 Color JP
    CA-BC05 Canon BJC 210 HP-C6657A HPDeskjet450/5550seriesColor LE-17G0060 Lexmark Z32
    CA-BC20 Canon F450561410 HP-C8727A HP Deskjet 3420 Black LE-18C0031 #31 Color Photo  X5250/5270
    HP-C8767WN HP 96 Black LE-18C0032 #32 Black for X5250/5270
    Dell HP-C9363WN HP 97 Tri-Color LE-18C0033 #33 Color for X5250/5270
    DE-7Y743 Dell Printer A960 Black LE-18C0034 #34 HY Black for X5250/5270
    DE-7Y745 Dell Printer A960 Color Lexmark LE-18C0035 #35 HY Color for X5250/5270
    DE-J740 Dell Printer J740 Color LE-10N0016 Lexmark Z13/23/33/35 Black LE-18L0032 Lexmark Z65 (82) Black
    DE-J743 Dell Printer J740 Black LE-10N0026 Lexmark Z13/23/33/35 Color LE-18L0042 Lexmark Z65 (83) Color
    DE-TO529 Black Inkjet for Dell Printer A920 LE-10N0217 Lexmark Z33 Black
    DE-TO530 Colour Inkjet for Dell Printer A920 LE-10N0227 Lexmark Z33 Color
                                                       Laser Cartridges
    Apple Panasonic
    AP-M1960G/A Apple Select 360 HP-Q2612A HP Laserjet1010/1012/1015 PA-UG3204 Panasonic UF-755 Fax
    HP-Q5942X HP LaserJet 4250/4350 HY PA-UG3309 Panasonic UF-744 Fax
    Brother HP-Q5945A HP MFP 4345 Blk PA-UG3313 Panasonic UF-550 Fax
    BR-DR300  Brother HL1060 HP-Q5949X HP LaserJet 1320HY PA-UG5510 Panasonic UF790 Fax
    BR-DR510 DCP-8040 Empty Drum HP-Q6511A HP LaserJet 2400 Series PA-UG5520 Panasonic UF890/990 Fax
    HP-Q6511X HP LaserJet 2400 Series Black PA-UG5530 Panasonic UG-5530
    Canon HP-Q8543X HP LaserJet/MFP 9040/9050
    CA-E31 PC 330/770 Copier Cartridge Pitney Bowes
    IBM PB-9700 Pitney Bowes 9700
    Dell IB-75P5708 Infoprint 1412 (E330) Empty L/Y PB-9820 Pitney Bowes UF-744 Fax
    DE-2Y666 Dell S2500 (T420) Return L/Y IB-75P5709 Infoprint 1412 (E330) Empty RP L/Y PB-9900 Pitney Bowes UF-550 Fax
    DE-2Y667 Dell S2500 (T420) Return H/Y IB-75P5710 Infoprint 1412 (E330) Empty H/Y
    DE-2Y669 Dell S2500 (T420) IB-90H0748 IBM Infoprint 20 Cartridge Ricoh
    DE-H3730 Dell 1700 (E230) RI-339479 Ricoh Type 2700/150
    DE-J3815 Dell  1700 (E230) Lemark
    DE-N3769 Dell 1700 (E230) LE-12A5745 Lexmark Optra T N/P Samsung
    LE-12A5845 Lexmark Optra T SA-ML1710D3 Samsung ML1510/1710/1750
    HP LE-12A6735 Lexmark T520 HY
    HP-92291A HP 3SI/4SI EPN Cartridge LE-12A6865 Lexmark T620 HY Sharp
    HP-92298X HP 4 Plus Laserjet Cartridge LE-12A6865NV Lexmark T620 HY Non – Virgin SH-AL160TD Sharp AL1600Series Toner Dev
    HP-C3903A HP 5P/6P EPV Cartridge LE-12A7415 Lexmark T420D HY SH-AR200TD Sharp AR-160/2005 Toner Developer
    HP-C3909A HP 5SI/EPW Cartridge LE-12A8400 Lexmark E230/232 LY SH-FO47ND Sharp 4700 Fax
    HP-C4127A HP 4000 R.Y. Cartridge LE-12A8400ST Lex E230/232 LY Starter SH-FO50ND Sharp FO-4400/DC500/600
    HP-C8543X HP Laserjet 9000 Series LE-12L0250 Lexmark Optra W810
    HP-Q1338A HP Laserjet 4200 LE-1382150 Lexmark IBM 4049 H.Y. Xerox
    HP-Q1339A HP Laserjet 4300 HY LE-1382925 Lexmark Optra S 1250 XE-113R00173I Xerox N24/32 Imprint
    LE-1382925NV Lexmark Optra S 1250 NV XE-113R00173L Xerox N24/32 Label

    Linda Braga

    VAR Corporate Buyer

    Int’l Tel: 519-624-3300 (ext.261)

    Fax: 519-624-3301