Fraud Empties Seller "Alfonso Lopez"

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Fraud Empties Seller "Alfonso Lopez"

 user 2006-01-06 at 3:15:00 pm Views: 49
  • #13364

    Attention to Everyone:

    This Alfonso Lopez characted is a smooth taker that knows all the right things to say. He know’s how to drop names of big players in our industry to get what he wants. It’s a shame that people like this exist but what can we do but to protect ourselves better and warn everyone we can.

    Hi information is as follows:

    10044 Green Street Temple City, CA 91780

    Phone # 626-340-1133 

    Contact me if you have been a victam of this dishonest individual and lets put our heads together to get him to return our money.

    PGRecycling 818-725-2596