Empty Cores 4 Sale

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Empty Cores 4 Sale

 user 2006-01-18 at 7:51:00 pm Views: 38
  • #13838

    Hello all,

    Please review our list of available EMPTIE$ below and feel free to quote us YOUR prices on all or partial. We do have much more available

    CANON FX-7        1100 PCS

    CANON E40        3800 PCS

    HPQ2610A        &nbs p; 5000 PCS

    HPC7115A        &nbs p; 2000 PCS

    HPC4127X        &nbs p; 1900 PCS

    HPQ5949A        &nbs p; 2300 PCS

    HPQ5942A        &nbs p; 1200 PCS

    OPTRA T         &nbsp ;  700 PCS

    OPTRA E321        1200 PCS

    SHARP 47ND        200 PCS

    OPTRA S NV        800 PCS

    T520 NV         &nbs p;  800 PCS

    27x NV         &nbs p;  3000 PCS

    96a NV         &nbs p;  1700 PCS

    39a NV         &nbs p;   450 PCS

    fx4 NV         &nbs p;   600 PCS

    Non-Virgin InkJets For Sale

    HP 78A         &nb sp;8000 PCS

    HP 56A         &nb sp;5000 PCS

    HP 57A         &nb sp;2000 PCS

    HP 14A         &nb sp;9000 PCS

    HP 23A         &nb sp;4000 PCS

    LEX 16         &nbs p;3000 PCS

    LEX 26         &nbs p;3000 PCS

    BC05         &n bsp;  2500 PCS

    BC02         &n bsp;  2200 PCS

    We are always looking to buy empties cartridges, Lasers and Inkjets.



    CHATSWORTH, CA 91311

    TEL: 818-773-5551

    FAX: 818-773-9077