*BEWARE * OF cartridgetoner@yahoo.com

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*BEWARE * OF cartridgetoner@yahoo.com

 user 2003-10-16 at 12:56:00 pm Views: 89
  • #7773

    Hi everybody,


    Just wanted to show you an e-mail I received from one of the guys over at that shady company – Nobody at their facilty wants to take responsibility for stealing money.

    Copy of e-mail sent to me on 10-15-03

    hi buzz,


    i did my best to help you with your problem, as i said if it was up to me i

    would have sent you the check whenever we agreed.

    i also wanted to let you know that i quit my job two weeks ago, because i

    dont like the way they do things,and you should know that i was just an

    employee there and i didnt make any decisions.

    i understand that you are not very happy with this issue, and you might

    think that i am responsible,but im not.

    you should contact the company , or do whatever you think is correct.

    i thank your understanding, and apologise for the inconvenient.