new oem dell toners for sale…..

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new oem dell toners for sale…..

 user 2006-11-03 at 2:44:00 pm Views: 33
  • #16751
    the following is available
    make fair offer

    5100cn toner:
    H5702/ GG577 5100cn Black Toner (9000-Page Count)
    J5308/ GG578 5100cn Magenta Toner (8000-Page Count)
    K5772/ GG579 5100cn Cyan Toner (8000-Page Count)
    HG308/ G5774 5100cn Yellow Toner (8000-Page Count)
    Qty: 20 sets

    3100cn toner:
    K4971 3100cn/3000cn Black Toner (4000-Page Count)
    K4972 3100cn Magenta Toner (4000-Page Count)
    K4973 3100cn Cyan Toner (4000-Page Count)
    K4974 3100cn Yellow Toner (4000-Page Count)
    Qty: 200 sets

    3000cn toner:
    R6319 Black 2000-Page Count
    R6318 Magenta 1000-Page Count
    M6937 Cyan 1000-Page Count
    T6413 Yellow 1000-Page Count
    Qty: 200 sets

    jim ladd
    954-929-9590 PHONE