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 user 2003-11-12 at 9:47:00 am Views: 94
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    Today’s remanufacturing industry is enjoying strong revenue and profit increases, but countermoves by OEMs and other competitors affect the outlook for future growth. Lyra Research recently completed a U.S.-based primary research study among rechargers to examine the state of the remanufacturing industry. Cartridge Remanufacturing: Profits and New Challenges enables you to:

    • assess how your business stacks up to other remanufactuers;
    • understand the key reasons why rechargers say customers buy from them;
    • see how rechargers rate their future growth opportunities and biggest business problems; and
    • examine and compare your industry supplier experiences and expectations.

    The Report found that while remanufacturers reported competing with a variety of cartridge resellers, including retailers, contract stationers, and mail-order suppliers, the majority of rechargers said that their most important direct competitor was in fact another local remanufacturer (see figure ).