Recycle Tech Solutions wants your empties!

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Recycle Tech Solutions wants your empties!

 user 2009-07-20 at 1:40:49 pm Views: 146
  • #22818

    Good day to everyone!

    I am looking to purchase the following items in as much quantity as you can get your hands on.  Please call me at (773) 821-9700 ext.308 or e-mail to and let me know what you have available and I will send you a bid for them.


    HP Q1338A V

    HP C4127X V

    HP C8061X V

    HP Q5942A V

    HP Q5942X V

    HP Q2613X V

    Lexmark E321 V

    Lexmark Optra T630 V & NV

    Lexmark Optra T640 V & NV

    HP C8543X V & NV (nv cores must not have foam sealant)

    Dell 1100

    Brother DR400 V & NV

    Brother DR500 V & NV


    Full list available at



    The RTS Team