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    Notice of Settlement of Class Actions in British Columbia and Manitoba against Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson America Inc., and Epson Canada Ltd.
    CALGARY, July 09  – On June 26, 2009, the law firms, Sugden, McFee &
    Roos LLP and Pollock & Company finalized the settlement of 2 Class Actions
    against Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson America Inc. and Epson Canada Ltd.
    (“Epson”). These law suits were filed on behalf of petitioners Douglas Ernest
    Smith (court file No. L051418) in the Supreme Court of British Columbia,
    Vancouver Registry, and Michael Herda (court file CI 07-01-51269) in the
    Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, Winnipeg Center.

        This settlement, which has been reached without any admission of
    liability by Epson, is made on behalf of all British Columbia and Manitoba
    consumers of Epson Inkjet cartridges for Qualifying Printers.

        This settlement was approved by the Supreme Court of British Columbia
    (Honourable Madame Justice Griffin) and by the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench
    (Honourable Mr. Justice Kaufman) in a joint hearing that took place on June
    26, 2009.
        The settlement provides that all individual members of the class may
    receive one of the following benefits for each Epson Inkjet printer
    specifically identified in the settlement, and purchased between November 1,
    2002 and September 1, 2006:

        -   a $45 credit in the form of an E-Store code, which would be valid for
            twelve months,

        -   the sum of $20, payable by cheque, and a $20 credit in the form of an
            E-Store code, or

        -   a one-time 25% E-Store discount to a maximum value of $100.

        To obtain additional information pertaining to the settlement, to obtain
    the list of Qualifying Printers, or to obtain and/or fulfill a claim form, all
    consumers can contact the Administrator, Rust Consulting Inc. at:

                          Administrator: Epson Class Action
                                Rust Consulting, Inc.
                                 625 Marquette Avenue
                                      Suite 880
                              Minneapolis, MN 55402 USA
                                 Fax: 1-866-458-3183

        Consumers may also consult the web site to
    obtain any additional information, and to complete an online claim form to
    register your claim. In all cases, all claim forms shall have been sent to the
    attention of the Administrator of the claim at the latest on September 28,