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 user 2003-12-16 at 10:56:00 am Views: 103
  • #4253

    Headline: HP sees “ripe” copier market

    16 December 2003 – Palo Alto (CA): Hewlett-Packard (HP) has reaffirmed expectations for its high-end copier market entry and said it believes the sector is “ripe” for the taking.

    Ron Wait, US commercial marketing manager for HP’s imaging and printing group, told opi.net: “Based on a $24 billion market, HP is expecting double digit growth within three years in the segments we’re targeting. This is not conservative or over ambitious, but rather a realistic and obtainable goal.”

    On HP’s future plans for the copier market, Wait added: “We feel the market is ripe. As far as future offerings of lower-end copiers are concerned, we are not prepared to comment on that just yet”.