UMSURPLUS AKA Surplus Liquidator (MIKE MINO)

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UMSURPLUS AKA Surplus Liquidator (MIKE MINO)

 user 2012-08-21 at 6:09:11 pm Views: 272
  • #28478

    Anybody knows Mike Mino from UMSURPLUS AKA Surplus Liquidator; 720-495-5315?  If you don’t, BEWARE, you have been warn…..   Bought some products from him.  First transaction was smooth.  Then the next few transactions, he started to ship damaged boxes and invoiced something that we never got.  I did mention on the emails as well as stated on our purchased order that the conditions of the products must be in resalable conditions, if not, do not ship.  Promised me, he will replace the products and the ones it was never shipped. 

    After 10 days no news, I and my bookkeeper emailed him back few times, but no response.  We shipped back the bad products by UPS to the address on the invoice; we paid for the shipping back.  But it was return back by the UPS after 3 attemps, since nobody is in that location.  Lucky we paid through a 3rd party credit card merchant, called Open Curo (His choice to use this merchant), and the merchant gave us the credit back for the bad products and the ones we never got.  We provided all the documents, pictures, UPS tracking no, and histories of emails (you stated that you know the issues and will ship the replacement and the ones that were missing) to prove that we were being deceived.   We did paid him for the goods products only.  UMSRUPLUS cannot accept payment by PAYPAL, because I just found out that he’s record is bad.  Do not believe me, ask him about PAYPAL.  Its companies like this that has given the industry a bad name.    

    Please make sure if you do buy from this company, DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU GOT THE PRODUCTS PERIOD!

    ps.  I did emailed him to fax me the UPS label or a call tag, so I could return the bad products, but up until now, he has not given me anything yet.

    MIKE, if you are reading this, please fax me the UPS label to 562-663-9037 or email me or do a call tag.  I emailed you few times about the UPS thing, so get back to me.  And if you are not happy with the result, please talk to your merchant over at Open Curo, they have all the documents that we provided.