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 user 2004-01-20 at 10:04:00 am Views: 88
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    EU Looking At New Printer Cartridge Complaint
     A new Complaint could revitalize the European Union’s probe into practices surrounding printer replacement cartridges.

    The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the EU is studying a complaint by Static Control Components Inc. against Lexmark International Inc. Static Control has been locked in a battle with Lexmark over practices by which printer replacement cartridges are sold.

    No action was taken following an earlier EU investigation of printer replacement cartridge sales practices.

    In a separate legal action last fall, Lexmark won a federal court opinion against Arizona Cartridge Remanufacturers Association, which had challenged Lexmark’s replacement policy for replacement laser toner cartridges. Static Control was a sponsor of the ACRA litigation, Lexmark said at the time. Both firms have claimed victories in proceedings before the U. S. Copyright Office.

    The Issue of replacement cartridges is a hugely important one to some. For instance, Lexmark’s printer supply business represents about one-half of its $4.4 billion revenue in 2002. Consumers can save up to 40 percent by buying a remanufactured cartridge from an independent supplier. Both firms have denied any wrongdoing concerning the issue.