Laser toner

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Laser toner

 user 2005-02-19 at 9:16:00 am Views: 70
  • #10378

    Hi Gents,

    Thank you for your quick reply. In fact this is my bank who told me
    that they send back theirs toners to HP !!! I told them that i am very
    interested in collecting it. Now i have begun to collect all the toners
    i can find. So i am collecting only fews but I think i am gonna collect
    more. If somebody want to buy them, do not hesitate to contact me on
    e-mail. To answer to Keith, i have HP toners, but i don’t remember the
    models. So Kevin and Keith, do not hesitate to sent me your buying
    price list.

    Hoping to be in business with you soon, best regards.