Hp Thinks It Can Take on Google With These Tiny Computers

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Hp Thinks It Can Take on Google With These Tiny Computers

 news 2015-01-06 at 10:31:53 am Views: 377
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    Hp Thinks It Can Take on Google With These Tiny Computers
    BY Dan Kedmey

    The HP Stream Mini Desktop will sell for $180.
    HP unveiled pint-sized PCs Monday that could easily be mistaken for paperweights.

    The HP Pavilion Mini Desktop is the better equipped of the two, packing a 500GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM for $319. It stands 2 inches high, weighs roughly 1.5 pounds and is perfectly proportioned to go head-to-head against other desktop devices in the featherweight class, including the ASUS Chromebox and Mac Mini.

    The smaller unit, the HP Stream Mini Desktop, will sell for $179 and includes a 32GB hard drive with 2GB of RAM. The Stream Mini Desktop also comes with two years of free access to 200GB of cloud-based storage on Microsoft’ OneDrive to complement that internal storage.

    The miniature PCs, which go on sale Jan. 14 on HP’s website and at retail stores on Feb. 8, mark HP’s first entry into a niche market dominated by Google-powered Chromebooks and Apple’s Mac Mini line.