Eastman Kodak Receives 2015 Award For 90% Biodegradable Toner

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Eastman Kodak Receives 2015 Award For 90% Biodegradable Toner

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    Eastman Kodak Receives 2015 Award For  90% Biodegradable Toner
    Eastman Kodak receives 2015 award for bioplastics innovation
    By Nicole Wrona

      Eastman Kodak was the recipient of the 2015 Innovation in Bioplastics Award for its work on a bio-toner that is comprised of more than 90% biodegradable and biobased materials.

        The company formulated the bio-toner with Ingeo resin, made from polyactic acid and renewable resources and natural waxes.

        Eastman Kodak uses the waste byproduct lactic acid as feedstock for its other products. The bio-toner is used in the electro-photographic industry.
    Dive Insight:

    Keith Edwards, the chairman of the SPI Bioplastics Division at BASF, said that although bioplastics isn’t necessarily a revolution, Eastman Kodak’s evolution of the toner is innovative. He anticipates the toner will have a large number of applications, while having the potential to make an impact in the marketplace.