Another Big Rumor Coming Out Of Chinas Clone Toner Industry.
China Clone Toner Industry Forms Informal Cartel, Katun Corp. Negotiations Stall.

We had reported of a big Chinese consolidation from the top Chinese clone toner manufacturers last week in our news, we now have confirmation from multiple sources of this story, all Chinese Clone Counterfeit Toner Manufacturing companies listed on their local stock exchanges that sold IPO’s last year have formed some sort of informal Cartel in order to “Harmonize” pricing for Finished products, this was done to show that they all are making a profits and this seems to be the main driver for SCC’s massive move into Finished products(Counterfeit/Clones and Reman’s), to show a profit for the shareholders, but will the earnings be real or cooked-up, only time will tell?.

As far as the Katun Company Sale Rumor, all negotiation have stalled because of the high price demanded by Katun Corp.