Cross Reference Data/2004-08-30

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Cross Reference Data/2004-08-30

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    AnswerCo Targets Reseller Channel With New Cross-Referencing Database 

    Dallas, Texas, August 12th, 2004 – As today’s market becomes increasingly competitive resellers are looking for new ways to be on the edge of supplies product offerings. The ability to locate the correct product and to make suggestions on product offerings is a service that customers demand from resellers. It has become increasing challenging as the supplies market continues to increase in size and the ability to match part-numbers, model numbers, and third-party offerings is overwhelming to resellers.

    AnswerCo has solved the dilemma of finding the correct supply item through its cross-referencing system that contains over 300,000 model numbers of 3,000 manufacturers worldwide. Additionally AnswerCo updates its database daily so that resellers can easily identify the correct SKU. AnswerCo’s database contains over 100,000 SKU’s including Imaging Products, IT Supplies, Data Storage Media and Office Products from OEM to compatibles and third-party supplies. Through AnswerCo resellers can easily identify the correct supply product, and which products they need to carry. AnswerCo’s new cross-reference database is a solution to the problems that resellers are faced with today.

    Answerco’s new cross-reference database is the solution to the problem that resellers are faced with today. For a FREE TRIAL subscription go to title= face=Arial SPAN title= style=COLOR: black; font-FAMILY: Arial">

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