How Germany’s Winterholt & Hering Sold It’s Soul To Chinese Pelikan Toner Supplies.

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Date: Tuesday June 21, 2022 10:15:18 am | Views: 517
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    The Hamburg wholesaler Winterholt & Hering and the manufacturer of compatible printer consumables Print Rite have signed a distribution agreement for Pelikan brand hardcopy consumables in the DACH region.

    Selling your soul to the devil” | MICROBIOLOGY MATTERS !

    With the agreement, Print Rite is driving the transition of its sales strategy from a direct sales to a master distribution model, which began in early 2021. In order to meet the different local requirements in all strategic markets, the aim is to work with a range of distribution partners who are able to serve customers across the UK and Europe. In addition to Winterholt & Hering, Print Rite in Germany is already working with the Baesweiler-based IT distributor api. The network also includes Santos Printing in Spain, DataDirect in the UK, IR Riprografia in Italy, NewCo SAS in France. The distribution network is also to be further expanded in the Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, the Middle East and South America.

    “We are not only impressed by the energy and enthusiasm for our brand, but also by the business strategy and the ambition of the team to move the project forward,” comments Steve Weedon, CEO of Pelikan and Print-Rite Europe, of the new partnership. “Winterholt & Hering knows the market, the sales channel and the logistics in this industry very well and we have every confidence that the Pelikan brand will become the number one alternative brand in Germany and other surrounding countries”.

    And Malte Winterholt, Managing Director of the Hamburg supplies specialist, adds: “We are delighted to be working with such a well-known brand as Pelikan. We have built a very successful business over the last 25 years based on a wide range of products, good product availability and service. It’s a great opportunity to work with a brand that shares common goals by offering customers a reliable, high quality and safe product.” Pelikan’s hard copy products not only have a large following in Germany. Many retailers and end users are also frustrated by poor product availability in the market. “Our dedicated team is ready to work with distributors to.
    WH Office becomes Pelikan distributor - The Recycler - 08/06/2022

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