*NEWS* E IS FOR EFFORT/2004-08-27

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*NEWS* E IS FOR EFFORT/2004-08-27

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    E Is For Effort

    "Effort Is part of the success formula, "Extra effort every day has a compounding effect. At first it doesn't appear to have much impact, but over time the results are phenomenal. It's similar to the way compound interest works with money saved. There are many people who talk about being successful, but few who are willing to pay the price of giving maximum effort."

    Here are three tips to maximize effort.

    1. Have worthy goals, objectives or visions. "This step is key for triggering personal motivation, "What's your vision? Where do you see yourself going? The clearer you can answer these questions, the higher your motivation for achievement. The motivation will fuel the effort. The vision needs to be yours; you need to own it." Action tip: Write your goals in clear, precise statements and post them in your work area.


    "There are many people who talk about being successful, but few who are willing to pay the price of giving maximum effort." 


    2. Be disciplined. "Too many people lack discipline. They don't think long term and don't put in the consistent effort required for success. You might have a glorious vision, but unless you are disciplined in the pursuit of it, you probably will not obtain it." Action tip: A disciplined effort requires a well-thought-out plan, including goals that you are committed to achieving. Your plan should include a realistic timeframe and the tools needed to accomplish your goals.

    3. Persevere through pain and disappointment. "Anytime you are working toward a worthy objective you are going to have setbacks, "My advice to you is to stand firm when you encounter various setbacks, work through the pain and go forward with your eyes focused on where you would like to go." Action tip: When things go wrong, take a break, go back and review your vision. Then move ahead with determination.

    final advice is to remember: Average or Better Aptitude + Positive Attitude + Strong Effort = Outstanding Success.

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