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    ACRA Seeks Funding to Film Documentary at World Expo 2004  

    David G. Gibbons, CEO of the AUstralasian Cartridge Remanufacturing Association, has announced plans to produce a professional video that will promote the laser and ink jet cartridge remanufacturing industry. Footage and interviews are to be collected in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Most of the video will be filmed in Las Vegas at World Expo 2004, September 29 to October 1.

    ACRA has secured exclusive rights to record the event from the show’s producer, Recharger Magazine, and its parent, 101 Communications.

    “We will distribute this video in DVD form,” said Gibbons, “so that remanufacturers worldwide can promote their industry and show prospective customers, environmental groups, legislative bodies, and government agencies the advances we’ve made in product quality, job creation, customer service, environmental cleanup, and overall growth.”

    The video will feature commentaries from industry leaders representing the leading companies that supply remanufactured cartridges, machine parts and components. It will also illustrate the most recent developments in closing the last loophole in the recycling process. What this entails is an effective collection program that ensures spent cartridges which can no longer be refurbished are collected, granulated, combined with other plastic waste material, and forged into benches, docks, decks, boardwalks and other useful shapes that can withstand severe outdoor weather conditions. Much progress has been made in this area over the past two years.

    The project is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, November 4th.

    To assist in funding this project, ACRA has commissioned The Tiara Group, LLC to secure pledges from the major companies in this industry. An estimated AU$30,000 will be sought (about US$22,000) from a limited number of sponsors.

    ACRA is an international association operating in the South Pacific rim which promotes the quality remanufacture of print consumables and the ethical business practices by its members. It is an organization formed primarily of independent toner and ink jet cartridge remanufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.

    ACRA also has members who supply tools, machine parts, test instruments, toners and ink jet inks to these businesses. It was formed in 1992 by a core group of companies and now boasts a membership of 225 individuals.

    Formed in July 2001, The Tiara Group, LLC is a seminar and trade show management organization spun off of Diamond Research Corporation (DRC), a 36-year old chemical consulting and information service firm focused on the imaging industry. The Tiara team, drawn from DRC’s experienced meeting planners, sales and marketing professionals, has acquired exclusive rights to the Diamond conferences. Tiara is perpetuating and expanding these Seminars, and has added a new dimension: non-technical, corporate business meetings and recreational events.

    The Tiara team consists of Terry Gorka as Managing Director, Dorothy Bacchilega as Executive Director, Art Diamond as Chairman, and support personnel.

    Here’s a brief synopsis of the script:

    Executive Producer: David Gibbons on behalf of ACRA Inc
    Working Title:RE-USE, A BETTER WAY
    Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $A30,000 (~$US 22,000)
    Output: Region 0 (region free) DVD NTSC

    Three voice-overs using the same script:

    Australian English
    British English
    North American English

    Opening Scene:

    A car drives along a country road, sweeping movie introductory-type music, the car splutters, the driver looks anxious, the fuel gauge shows empty.

    The car rolls onto the side of the road. The driver tries to restart the engine. No luck. He gets out of the car, slams the door, and reaches for his mobile phone.

    He looks at his watch and a tow truck arrives. The car is towed away … to a scrap merchant! The car is progressively torn apart and crushed.

    Music scratches to a halt.

    Voice over: “That’s crazy! You wouldn’t trash your car just because you ran out of fuel … So why do you throw your cartridges away when they are empty?”

    Interviews will be conducted seeking comments on:


    • Industry stats of cartridge use worldwide
    • extent of research and development by third party manufacturers of components, toners and inks
    • the range of component parts available to rebuild cartridges
    • how do printer cartridges work?
    • what actually happens in the remanufacturer’s workshop/ factory do remanufacturer’s warrant and guarantee their products?
    • the differences between refilling and remanufacturing cartridges
    • procedures and apparatus developed by inventors to aid the remanufacturing/refilling process
    • how trade associations provide support to consumers
    • ASTM and industry standards for printer density and yield
    • why there are legal pursuits against OEMs
    • the tactics of OEMs (legal, smart chip etc)
    • why remanufacturers attend the expo
    • why there is a need to publish industry magazines
    • dealing with remanufacturer’s waste streams
    • the environmental impact of life cycle analysis of printer cartridges
    • the environmental impact of sending wastes offshore, e.g. Guiyu
    • legislation which is being passed to encourage the reuse and recycling of e-wastes
    • awards presented to remanufactures for environmental practices

    Apart from interviews and some on-site footage taken at the Recharger World Expo, some off-site footage will be required:


    • Guiyu
    • remanufacturing/refilling plants
    • research and development
    • drum, toner, ink research and development
    • ASTM standards testing
    • unusable cartridges being broken down /granulated for recycling
    • products recycled from unusable toner and ink cartridges (plastics and toner)
    • awards given to remanufacturers

    For Additional Information, please contact:
    Art Diamond, Chairman, or
    Terry Gorka, Managing Director
    530 West Ojai Avenue, Suite 108
    Ojai, CA 93023-2471
    Tel: 805.640.7177
    Fax: 805.640.7178
    Mobile: 805.340.0480
    e-Mail: drc@west.net

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