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 Anonymous 2013-06-21 at 10:26:49 am Views: 193
  • #1989

    ACRA Members endorse REMAX offer.
    At The ACRA AGM held in Australia's Gold Coast on July 25, members of the imaging remanufacturer's association endorsed a deal to sell the rights to their trade show and conferences to Recycler Trade Magazine and its specialist event management company Remax Trade Shows.

    "The deal, worth over AU$500,000 over five years secures funding for ACRA's ongoing work in promoting the industry and tackling industry specific issues, while at the same time delivers a range of befits for individual ACRA members," said David Gibbons ACRA's CEO.

    Recycler Trade Magazines publisher & managing director David Connett said, "We have been actively working with ACRA and the membership for several years to support their activities in this expanding part of the world. This agreement will provide the financial security for ACRA to move forward and will enable us to develop the Remax brand in the region."

    The first "Remax Asia Pacific: an ACRA-Recycler joint initiative" will take place in Perth's Sheraton Hotel, Western Australia, on 22-24 July 2005. The ACRA AGM will be hosted as a part of the weekend conference and expo.

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