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 user 2013-06-23 at 10:46:41 pm Views: 93
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    Shipments of Aftermarket Ink Cartridges in China Outpace OEM Cartridges in 2008  

    OEM Cartridges will account for only 40 percent of all ink jet cartridge shipments in China in 2008. Aftermarket cartridges will account for 45 percent of shipments, followed by refill kits and counterfeit cartridges at 10 percent and 5 percent of shipments, respectively . Aftermarket cartridges are popular in China because of their low cost. Printer OEMs are quick to point out that ink jet printers, media, and ink are designed to work together as a system to provide high-quality output, but many Chinese users will find a lower but still adequate level of print quality a fair trade-off for significant cost savings.

    China is unique in that many aftermarket players are already well established as export companies and are now poised to take advantage of the domestic ink jet printer market as it grows by offering fairly reliable cartridge solutions at competitive prices. Consumers and business buyers in China have an immediate, viable third-party solution for marking supplies, and many are more than willing to explore these options

    With 1.3 billion consumers and continued growth in disposable income, the Chinese market is an obvious target for imaging industry vendors looking for the next big opportunity. But with opportunity comes risk. Current players and future market entrants face cultural, political, and technological barriers to getting their products into the hands of Chinese consumers. Will China continue to experience strong growth, or will the economic bubble burst? Vendors who want to participate in this growing market will need to develop a clear picture of demand in China to help them decide what products to launch, how many units they are likely to sell, and how Chinese consumers differ from consumers in other regions regarding their use of imaging technologies.

    Between 2003 and 2008, the installed base of low-end and high-end ink jet–based MFPs in China will grow at higher compound annual growth rates than will other ink jet hardware segments . Steady growth in the installed base of ink jet printers and MFPs will present printer manufacturers and third-party vendors alike with an opportunity to increase their supplies sales. 
    ink cartridge shipments and revenue in China through 2008 and focuses on how the shift toward value-added products such as MFPs and photo-specialty printers will affect China's burgeoning hardware and supplies markets.

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