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 user 2013-06-23 at 10:23:11 pm Views: 103
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    Desktop Color Printing: A Tale of Two Markets

    Over The Next few years, revenue from the sale of ink jet printers and MFPs and color page printers will rise as revenue from the sale of monochrome page printers and MFPs slowly but steadily declines 

    Lyra breaks the ink jet market into several key segments and forecasts significant growth in two of these segments, workgroup printers and photo-specialty printers, through 2006. Despite price erosion in the workgroup printer segment, Lyra forecasts an 8 percent revenue increase from 2001 to 2006.

    Despite vendors' efforts to maintain product differentiation and higher price points in the photo-specialty ink jet market, it is likely that price erosion will occur as this technology becomes more mainstream. Consequently, Lyra expects the average price for a photo-specialty printer to fall from $265 in 2001 to $222 in 2006. This projected decline is relatively modest and is based on the assumption that new higher-end products will continue to enter the market. Lyra projects an overall revenue increase of 8 percent in the photo-specialty market between 2001 and 2006. 

    While the workgroup color printer market has slowed over the last two years, the color page printer market does show signs of growth over the forecast period. This segment includes both solid-ink and electrophotographic technologies. The average selling price of products in this category is projected to remain relatively stable through 2006, with shipments increasing every year. The United States and Europe are expected to account for more than 75 percent of unit placements over the forecast period.

    This information was derived from Desktop Colour Printing: A Tale of Two Markets which will be presented by Steve Bambridge, Principal Analyst, Lyra Research Europe, at the 26th Annual Ink Jet and Thermal Printing Conference on 20 March in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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