*NEWS*E-INK ROCKS !!!/2004-09-22

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*NEWS*E-INK ROCKS !!!/2004-09-22

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    Ink-In-Motion displays can incorporate motion and color for retail signage

    Cambridge, MA, USA, And Seoul, Korea-E Ink Corporation, the world's leading developer and marketer of electronic paper display technology and Neolux Corporation, a major manufacturer and distributor of advertising and promotional displays, today announced an agreement for Neolux to manufacture and market Ink-In-Motion™ electronic paper displays for the retail point-of-purchase (POP) market. Under the terms of the agreement, Neolux will purchase E Ink's revolutionary Ink-In-Motion optical film to manufacture and assemble pre-programmed segmented electronic paper displays including electronics. Neolux has global non-exclusive rights to sell these displays to the POP market.

    Ink-In-Motion is a flashing electronic display that combines the proven promotional effectiveness of motion with the visual appeal of ink-on-paper. Displays made with E Ink's Ink-In-Motion film are ideal for retail environments, where power access is limited; a typical postcard sized Ink-In-Motion display is capable of running on just 2 AA batteries for up to 6 months. These displays use no backlight or frontlight and can be easily viewed from almost any angle and under virtually any lighting condition.

    "Working with E Ink Corporation is wonderful opportunity for Neolux because we can leverage our established POP display knowledge and business experience," said Neolux president, Woo-Jong Kang. "Today's retailers are looking for innovative ways to enhance their current promotional strategies. We are confident that this extension of our current product line will allow us to offer quick service and high value to new and existing POP customers."

    "Neolux's core competencies are ideal to launch Ink-In-Motion based products into the POP market and Neolux is an excellent first partner in this area. E Ink also sees a big value in the existing Neolux Global Distribution channel," said Ryosuke Kuwada, vice president of E Ink's marketing & sales. "We see the POP market as a strong growth opportunity for us."

    Neolux will offer its customers a unique look and is currently targeting a rapid two-week turnaround for orders. In addition to simple flashing text messages, Neolux will offer displays with custom animations and color overlays. Development of curved displays is underway and expected to be available to customers in the near future.

    About E Ink
    E Ink's technology delivers the look, form and utility of paper encompassing broad design freedom, manufacturing flexibility and the ultimate in readability and portability. Electronic Paper displays are currently being developed for many applications spanning handheld devices, wearable displays and transportation signage under two main product platforms: high-resolution active matrix displays and low-to-medium pixel count segmented displays. E Ink is a private corporation that includes among its investors and strategic partners TOPPAN Printing Company, Royal Philips Electronics, The Hearst Corporation, CNI Ventures, a division of Gannett Co., Inc, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Vossloh Information Technologies, and Motorola, Inc.

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