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 user 2013-06-23 at 10:13:25 pm Views: 95
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    EBay To Launch Trade-In Plan For VARs
    EBay this week will roll out a turnkey hardware trade-in program for VARs looking to help their clients get cash or discounts on new equipment by trading in old laptops and desktops. 
    EBay is set to unleash the new offering at color=#0000ffTechXNY 2004 this week in New York. Other new products expected to be unveiled at TechXNY, meanwhile, include multifunction color printers from Xerox and storage offerings from Intradyn and Iomega.

    VARs said the eBay trade-in program, which will be run with Dealtree, represents one of the biggest new opportunities at the show.

    David Stern, senior category manager of systems at eBay, said the trade-in program provides VARs with a complete outsourced infrastructure for trading in old laptops and desktop systems. "This makes it easy for resellers to take back products from their clients and monetize them," he said. "All it takes is putting a link on the VAR's Web site to the Dealtree back end. What's great is the trade-in site has the VAR's own branding."

    Dealtree President Paul Fletcher called the new program a "massive opportunity" for VARs. "The numbers are endless," he said. "It depends on how well the VAR takes advantage of the trade in program." Fletcher estimated that VARs could get as much as two to four times the price for the used equipment by selling them through the EBay program versus alternative channels. One solution provider that has already struck a deal with Dealtree was able to beat out the competition on a $2.4 million deal by offering the trade in incentive via the Dealtree program, said Fletcher. The Dealtree offering includes a dynamic trade in calculator that allows VARs to quickly provide their clients with trade in compensation numbers.

    Eric Crawford, a partner at Essex Technologies Group, said the Nashville, Tenn.-based eBay trading partner is making $1.5 million a month selling used IT equipment on eBay with as many as 6,000 auctions a day. "Instead of VARs liquidating their customers' assets for 20 to 40 cents on the dollar, we can get them 50 to 60 cents on the dollar. We take it straight from the VAR to the end user and handle everything in between.

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