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 user 2013-06-22 at 9:01:45 am Views: 148
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    Coffee Break

    Fuji, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox? I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, I am a little confused.

    Sometimes People can be. Fuji Xerox is part of the US-based Xerox Corporation. In Australia and New Zealand, Fuji own 75% and Xerox 25%. Fujitsu is a computer company, a completely separate organisation. 

    In New Zealand, we have two entities. First is Fuji Xerox New Zealand, the multi-function side of the business that sells direct to corporates. My business is Fuji Xerox Printers, which is the channel side, dealing more with SMEs. Fuji Xerox has been in New Zealand for many years, but I started this division two years ago. I report to Sydney-based ANZ general manager Thomas Quershi. We both also report to global head office in Shanghai, which was switched from Japan a year or so ago, as that part of Asia is the world’s fastest growing market.

    And how has business been in New Zealand? 

    Though the ANZ market is mature, our business has grown dramatically — 180% up on this time last year. We are trying to create a niche for ourselves. Our market is corporates and tertiary education but as prices come down, smaller organisations are demanding more functions like colour and are increasingly bringing printing jobs in-house. New Zealand has a large proportion of SMEs and the market here is for low- to mid-range multi-function devices. 

    The difference between a printer and a multi-function device is that the multi-function device also has a copier function, scanner and email capability. It is generally a centrally located device of high value. Companies need a mixture of printers and multi-function devices to handle the work and printing flow. Multi-function devices are great for high-volume printing jobs. Printers still have a place despite an industry convergence to multi-function devices as multi-function devices are generally a high-cost item, say $8000-$100,000 for corporate models. We are also first in the market with polymer toners, which are not oil-based and are better for the environment. Our Xerox 8400 also uses 100% non-toxic recyclable ink. 

    How is Fuji Xerox responding to the local market?

    We have just added a Wellington-based business development manager Susan Robbins to manage the channel demand. Wellington is a large market and we are penetrating government business with Fuji Xerox NZ as a business partner.

    We also went exclusive with Tech Pacific on June 1 as sole distribution partner. We needed a company which offered logistics clout and a fine-tuned distribution system that allows it to reach all segments of the market. We have also entered into an exclusive retail arrangement with Warehouse Stationery with our entry-level monochrome laser printer, achieving a fantastic result.

    What about the channel?

    Our channel is broken into segments. The resellers are focussed on SMEs. They are not trying to steal the corporate business. The direct sales team will continue to supply and meet the demands of large businesses, the EDSs who we have worldwide agreements with. The channel partners do not overlap like they used to. The market is much more refined. We have solutions that meet each part of the market. We need a good SME channel strategy and we believe we have a very strong exclusive channel partner programme — authorised partners serve SMEs and premiere partners serve corporates.

    What incentives do you operate?

    We have a credit card programme backed by Mastercard. Every product the channel partner staff sell, they can be rewarded with cash against their Mastercard bill. Selling a low-end colour printer will earn them $100, or $20-$350 depending on the size of the device. This is for the shopfloor sales staff, not the manager, as we have separate programmes that contribute towards their bottom line. 

    The partners who have signed up for this programme report great success. Selling a C1618 colour laser printer earns $100. One employee has sold over 30, making more than $3000 in bonuses.

    That’s great about the sales staff. But please tell me a bit about yourself.

    I was at Toshiba for three years, Axon Computertime for seven years, all in sales roles, so I understand the channel. My job has been in getting the business up and running, getting the brand established, which has been a great experience. After this, I guess the world will be my oyster.

    And your interests outside work?

    I am a keen surfer, snowboarder and golfer. I spend time with my family — my partner and my son aged six.

    * Post was edited: 2004-08-27 10:31:00