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 user 2013-06-23 at 3:57:47 am Views: 94
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    INKE unveils inkjet cartridge refiller

    It may not be a revolutionary product exactly, but Singapore-Based Inké Pte Ltd has unveiled the first of a new family of devices designed to refill inkjet printer cartridges, which do seem to have the potential to introduce some welcome cost savings at the low end of the printer market.

    While low cost laser printers are increasingly nibbling at the inkjet printer market, the inkjet is still a staple for many cost conscious businesses, especially those at the small business and SOHO end of the market. But as inkjet users know, the tiny acquisition cost of these devices is offset to some degree by the higher per page cost of inkjet use, in large part because the cartridges can cost as much as some of the printers out there

    In response to these high cartridge prices, a flourishing business has grown up around providing refill kits at a lower price. But their use has never been mess-free, and is frustrating for users not gifted with high dexterity.

    That, believes INKE' PTE LTD opens up a new market opportunity – what they are calling a revolutionary inkjet cartridge refilling device that combines key features such as automation, portability, effectiveness and ease of use.

    The first of these devices is available now in the US (and to customers in Canada who purchase from US-based operations). The INKE HS-45 device is designed to refill 3 different black cartridges — the HP 15 (C6615AN), HP 40 (51640A) and HP 45 (51645A) cartridges that work specifically with HP inkjet printers.

    Operating the INKE HS-45 involves loading the used ink cartridge into the HS-45 tray, insert an INKE ink tank and with the press of a button, refilling will take place under 5 minutes. Affordably priced at around US$70, the device comes with 3 refill ink tanks. Additional refill ink tank costs around US$10 each.

    INKE is touting that by using the INKE HS- 45, customers can expect to save some US$300 over a 3 year period in printing cost, substantial savings in relation to the average price of US$50 for an inkjet printer.

    Other models including the INKE LX-70 for Lexmark 70 (12A1970) and Lexmark 75 (12A1975) and the INKE HS-29 for HP 29 (51629A), HP 20 (C6614DN) and HP 19 (C6628AN) will be available in the US by October 2004.

    Today, the one model on the market, the INKE HS-45 is available in US-based online stores such as Amazon.com, Newegg.com and PCMall.com, as well as through major office supplies retailers in the US. The plan, said Christina Tay, INKE’s VP of Marketing, is to start distribution of INKE products into Canada by the 4th quarter of this year. They are currently finalizing their distribution plans for this market

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