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 Anonymous 2013-06-21 at 10:04:26 am Views: 172
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    JJ Bender LLC Announces MAUI Program   color=#0000ff

    JJ Bender, A specialist in previously owned Xerox DocuTech Systems and other High Volume Copiers and Laser Printers, announces its newest service, the Major Asset Utilization Initiative, MAUI. As companies look to cut costs and streamline operations, they are constantly reevaluating their larger expenditures and utilization of major assets. JJ Bender’s expertise allows them to provide valuable services in determining utilization factors and providing more efficient deployment of high volume printers and copiers.

    “We’ve found a tremendous response from clients, as we deploy our expertise to help clients better understand the value of their assets and key utilization factors,” said Andrew A. Bender, Financial and Consulting Divisional Director at JJ Bender. “In one recent example, we were able to save a partner over $30,000 per month and almost $1,000,000 over the life of their contracts.”

    JJ Bender and its partner company, Graphic Savings Group, create unique corporate utilization programs for high volume printers and copiers. They work with teams to evaluate the current status of equipment, such as Xerox DocuTech, DocuPrint and DocuColor systems, and then implement programs suited to meet the company’s individual needs. Drawing from its experience, JJ Bender will typically focus its services into the following categories: Equipment, Financing, Service and Supplies.


    • Equipment – JJ Bender works with its partners to determine the best allocation of its current equipment and to provide assistance in developing short term solutions to fit peak or temporary printing needs. In addition, JJ Bender provides purchasing efficiency consulting to assist clients in acquiring new equipment.


    • Financing – With the recent consolidation of the leasing industry, companies are searching for new sources to finance equipment and JJ Bender helps its clients find leasing solutions. JJ Bender also works with companies on lease terminations from getting initial lease buyout quotes to making payment and removing the equipment.


    • Service and Supplies – JJ Bender negotiates pooled pricing and manufacturer’s service plans for its clients. Alternatively, they can evaluate third party service options. JJ Bender also provides supplies and paper purchasing consulting. Through the creation of purchasing cooperatives, clients are able to realize significant purchasing savings and procurement efficiencies.

    JJ Bender’s MAUI program is based on the concept that each client’s needs are different. By bringing best practices purchasing consulting and an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, JJ Bender is able to provide significant value to each client. JJ Bender recently announced the spin-off of the Graphics Savings Group to provide cash flow management consulting to the graphics industry.

    JJ Bender specializes in Xerox DocuTech Systems and other High Volume Copiers and Laser Printers including the Xerox DocuTech 135, 6100, 6135, 6115, 6155, 6180, DocuPrint DP 180, 4135, 4635 and 92C, DocuColor 6060, 2060, 2045 and 12 and other high volume copiers including the Heidelberg Digimaster 9110 and Canon IR110. With over 23 years of experience in the office automation equipment industry, JJ Bender is a market leader in developing creative ways to complete transactions. For more information, call 203.336.4034 or email color=#0000ffface=Arial mail@jjbender.com.

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