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 user 2013-06-22 at 9:11:06 am Views: 109
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    Managing Generation X

    In general, Generation X Employees are those between the ages of 18-34. Unlike their parents and grandparents, Generation X employees do not plan on staying with one job or company throughout their career–nor will they sacrifice their family for their job.

    They grew up seeing their parents laid off. Many of them have grown up as latch key children and in divorced family situations. Therefore time for their family is very important to them.

    Many times Gen. X workers are characterized negatively by the older generation. Clearly, their work ethics are different, but along with their age they bring unique strengths and abilities. First they have a voracious appetite for technology and learning. This is good unless your organization is not willing or able to share information or has up-to-date technology. There are major hurdles between work environments that will either attract or repel the younger generations:

    Traditional Workplace

    • Security from the institution
    • Promotions based on longevity
    • Loyalty to the organization
    • Wait to be told what to do
    • Respect based on position/title

      New Generation Workplace

    • Security from within
    • Promotions based on performance
    • oyalty to the team
    • Challenge authority
    • You must earn respect

      Generation X employees tend to be less motivated by promises of overtime pay and more motivated by personal satisfaction with their jobs. They want to grow in their jobs and learn new skills. They will change jobs often as they seek jobs that offer them both better benefits and more opportunity for professional growth as well as personal fulfillment.

      Generation X employees want, and expect, their employers to hear what they have to say. They want to understand the "big picture" for the company and how this influences their employment and growth. They are creative thinkers, independent, results oriented and bring with them a healthy dose of skepticism.

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