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 user 2013-06-23 at 10:35:09 pm Views: 94
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    Single-function Printer Market in Asia/Pacific Posts Solid Second Quarter
    IDC Says the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) single-function printer market posted strong gains in 2Q 2004, despite general market trends and wild cards including regional elections,……………. flu outbreaks and the prevailing oil crisis. The analysts say China, Malaysia and Thailand boosted the regional market growth.
    According to IDC's Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) …………………..Quarterly Printer Tracker, single-function printer shipments reached 4.3 million units or US$793.2 million in the second quarter of this year, representing a shipment gain of 7% year-on-year and 14% compared to the previous quarter. IDC expects single-function printers in APEJ to reach 13.1 million units and a US$2.8 billion value in 2008.


    "The growing interest and proliferation of inkjet multifunction peripherals (MFPs) in the region have sparked off a series of vendor promotions and consumer bundling for single-function printers," 
    said Martin Chau ,Senior Research Manager for IDC's Printer program in Asia/Pacific. "Given that single-function printers will soon lose their status as cash cows, many printer vendors are taking the lead to trim their single-function inkjet printer inventories and to replace this with new lines of inkjet MFPs.
    The Latter will provide much opportunities and optimism for printer vendors looking to find new areas of growth."

    Vendor rankings stayed relatively unchanged this quarter. HP stayed at the top spot in the APEJ region and performed particularly well in India despite a significant fall in consumer bundling. Epson and Canon are tied in second position, while Lenovo (Legend) came in fourth with the highest sequential growth recorded among the top 4 APEJ players in 2Q 2004

    China Posted a solid performance in 2Q 2004 following a surge in orders after the Lunar New Year holidays. In addition, the popularity of consumer devices such as digital cameras, as well as active promotional efforts by vendors have helped to boost single function printer sales this quarter. Similarly in Malaysia, continued robust buying in the low-end single function printer segment fueled much of the growth in Q2 following the roaring success of PC Gemilang¾a PC program that the government initiated to enhance vendor awareness on the need for low-cost PCs in the country and to encourage purchase of home PCs by first time users.

    In India, single function printer shipments declined sequentially from 2Q 2004 due to government and businesses expending their IT budgets last quarter. However, consumer buying had a minor positive impact on inkjet printer sales that was largely fueled by seasonal holiday buying and had supported much of the otherwise weaker performance. Consequently, some printer vendors also capitalized on the computerization fever that is catching on in the banking and insurance sectors to push out more boxes.

    Single function Printer shipments in Singapore fell sequentially due to a seasonally stagnant period in purchases from the government sector compared to 1Q 2004. It also did not help that PC Show 2004 was held during 2Q 2004 as most consumers have already made their purchases at the vibrant IT Show in March 2004.

    The recurrence of avian flu outbreaks as well as the growing violence in Thailand's southern border did not appear to have dampened consumer as well as business sentiments in 2Q 2004. 
    Price reduction,aggressive vendor promotions as well as increased spending in the government, education, manufacturing and the SMB markets contributed significantly to the 12% surge in printer sales during 2Q 2004.

    * Post was edited: 2004-10-11 11:30:00