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 user 2013-06-22 at 9:14:48 am Views: 87
  • #2032

    Printing on Empty   

    Every day New consumers contemplate making the switch
    from OEM to remanufactured. They may be attracted to
    the cost savings and environmental benefits but have
    trepidation about using something with which they have
    no experience. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.
    By managing customer expectations and knowledgeably
    responding to questions and concerns, inkjet 
    remanufacturers can create an environment that supports
    long-term, satisfactory, profitable business relationships.

    Q: Is it OK to keep printing when my cartridge is 
    showing signs of running out of ink?

    A: Like the gas tank in your car, don't let the tank 
    run empty! Ink helps keep the resistors from overheating.
    Printing with an empty cartridge can cause irreparable
    heat damage to the resistors. With tri-color cartridges,
    this applies even if only one of the colors runs out. 
    You risk damaging the cartridge if you continue to use
    it with one tank empty.

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