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 user 2013-06-23 at 10:03:32 pm Views: 84
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    There's Still Time to Reach Your Quota

    You Still have time to achieve quota before year- end. In this selling tip, you'll learn three easy steps that will help you get there by keeping opportunities moving through your funnel.

    Opportunities in your funnel that aren't going anywhere may keep you from reaching your quota this year. Here are three things you can do today to keep those sales opportunities moving forward.


    1. Use Your Plan for Finding, Winning, and Keeping Business

    Getting back to the basics of your sales plan will create a healthier funnel. It doesn't matter if you're prospecting new opportunities or developing new business with an existing customer, you have to have a strategy for managing the opportunity at every level of the funnel.

    Having the right plan is like having a blueprint for managing the complexities of a sale. You have to map out the right people, and sell to each of their different interests and motivations. This plan will help you manage change and remove surprises that are common in complex sales so you can keep the sale moving forward.

    2. Make Great Sales Calls

    To make year-end quota you have to be making great sales calls now! That means making each and every call you make count. Each call should be centered around the customer's underlying needs so you can gain incremental commitment. Before the call have a plan for how it contributes to moving your sale forward in your funnel. Otherwise, you're just wasting time.

    3. Access Key Decision Makers and Win Their Approval

    In today's selling environment, decisions have been elevated. You've got to connect with higher- level executives to win the deal. Not only do you need to access these key decision makers, but you've got to make an impact once you get in front of them. Differentiate yourself and connect with how they make decisions, so you can win their approval.

    These three steps work in collaboration to keep your sale moving forward, from generating new prospects, to closing the deal. Use them together and you will put yourself in a much better position to reach your quota this year!

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