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 user 2013-06-23 at 4:18:12 am Views: 117
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    Toshiba, Canon Sets Up Joint Venture


    Toshiba, Canon Sets Up Joint Venture to Make TV Flat Panels


    TOKYO – Japanese electronics maker Toshiba Corp. and Japanese camera maker Canon Inc. are investing 200 billion yen (US$1.8 billion; euro 1.5 billion) to set up a joint venture near Tokyo to manufacture next-generation flat display panels for TVs. Under the deal announced Tuesday, the joint venture called SED Inc. in Hiratsuka city will make surface-conduction electron-emitter displays, or SEDs, a new type of flat panels, starting in August 2005.

    The deal marks Tokyo-based Canon's entry into the flat-screen TV business. Canon now makes cameras and printers.

    In June 1999, the companies announced a plan to jointly develop and mass-produce SEDs. The technology will enable the creation of large wall-mounted displays measuring more than 40 inches diagonally but only several inches (centimeters) in depth.

    SED technology significantly reduces TV power consumption while maintaining the same levels of brightness and color performance as conventional television sets.

    The joint venture, employing about 300 people as of January 2005, will expected to rack up sales of 70 billion yen (US$636 million; euro 519 million) by 2007, and aims for annual sales of 200 billion yen (US$1.8 billion; euro 1.5 billion) by 2010, Toshiba and Canon officials said.

    Toshiba, based in Tokyo, makes laptops, mobile phones, computer chips and other electronic products.

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