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 user 2013-06-23 at 10:16:42 pm Views: 110
  • #2206

    Valuing the Intangible

    Salespeople Frequently ask me, "How do I show our customers our value, before the prospect becomes a customer?" This typically occurs in a situation where the questioner is selling a service. The key to establishing your value is to communicate the consequences of not having a relationship with your organization.

    Instead of making claims (as all salespeople do), help your customer understand the cost to them of not becoming a client. Once they understand that, in many cases, it may be more expensive to postpone buying, they will be more inclined to come on board. So, the question you need to answer (as well as your customers) is, "What does it cost the customer to not do business with us?"

    You will also find this technique very useful in creating a sense of urgency with your customers. Frequently, sales aren't lost, they're just postponed until no one gets back to the decision-making process. Ultimately, these sales leak out of the pipeline. This typically occurs when the customer has no sense of urgency regarding the need to acquire your company's products or services. Again, urgency is created when you make your customer aware of the cost of not doing business with you.


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