Print Green: Kyocera makes printers and multifunction devices climate-neutral

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Date: Wednesday October 2, 2019 11:12:18 am | Views: 125

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    Print Green: Kyocera makes printers and multifunction devices climate-neutral
    Kyocera Document Solutions expands its commitment to climate-friendly document processes. For example, since October 1, the company has compensated for all its CO2 emissions resulting from raw material extraction, production, transport and recycling for its printers and multifunctional systems sold in Germany and Austria.
    All systems that are distributed via distributors authorized in Germany and Austria are also included.
    “Kyocera has stood for resource-saving and environmentally friendly document processes for many years. –†eneasons of 2013 we have made our original-toners, for the purpose of selling by kyoc beaches of cog beaches and KYOC ausgew√§hlten cata ng solutions in oelm. Now we go one step further and compensate the CO 2 -Emittenden our printers and multifunction systems, “explains Stephen Shin, sales director at Kyocera Document Solutions Germany.
    For this purpose, the company’s CO 2 footprint of its basic systems – calculated, resulting in resource generation, production, transport and utilization – without accessories, software and spare parts. Kyocera compensates for this by investing in three international climate protection projects in Kenya, Madagascar and Nepal. All projects are awarded the gold standard. This guarantees that they not only make a contribution to climate protection, but also sustainably improve the living conditions of people in the regions.
    For example, the production and distribution of climate-neutral cookers in Kenya – a project that Kyocera has already been supporting for six years – has already resulted in 165 permanent jobs while over 150,000 tonnes of CO 2 have been compensated. By expanding the Print Green program, the company is now also supporting the installation of biogas plants in Nepal that allow cooking with biogas instead of firewood, as well as the construction and sale of climate-friendly solar cookers in Madagascar to counteract deforestation on the ground.
    “The success we have achieved so far with our Print Green program and the high level of acceptance by our partners and end customers have been decisive in expanding our commitment,” stresses Schienbein. “The optimization of paper-intensive document processes is an important lever to the CO 2 to improve a company’s carbon footprint. By offering climate-friendly hardware and toner, we support corporate customers. We are confident that by expanding our print green program, we will also help our customers achieve their climate protection goals. “
    Kyocera customers have the opportunity to have their system’s CO 2 savings certified. In addition, older systems (as of 01.10.2016) can be made carbon-neutral via Kyocera’s Environmental Services. Further information can be found at
    A detailed interview with Kyocera’s sales director Stephen Schienbein on the environmental commitment of the Japanese company can also be found in the latest issue of BusinessPartner PBS .
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