Fuji Xerox Is Partnering with Adobe

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Date: Tuesday September 17, 2013 11:09:42 am | Views: 906
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    Fuji Xerox Is Partnering with Adobe
    By Tony Liaw
    Fuji Xerox is taking a step further to offer an enhanced experience in color printing, by partnering with Adobe. The move will help designers and other creative professionals constantly challenged by tight deadlines and limited resources in term of tools.

    Enter cloud computing, where users may enjoy complete support in terms of tools and access to the entire creative process.

    Subscribers of Adobe Creative Cloud services may use the entire collection of its tools and services at a low cost, with updates and upgrades included. Members can build and publish their websites, mobile sites, mobile applications and other content for various devices. They can also share files, capture feedback and keep track of all versions – all on a single platform.

    Moreover, users can enjoy a seamless creative process by rebuilding the Adobe tools. Adobe also offers easy and simple management tools while dealing with software licenses. Users can be sure of working on the latest versions of tools, while compatibility is handled easily.

    "Fuji Xerox is the first print solution vendor among Adobe's Gold partners in Hong Kong, bringing a high level of expertise in the creative and print industry," said Annie Chung, Adobe Hong Kong country manager.

    Printing becomes more personalized. "Fuji Xerox empowers customers by its advanced color management systems and outstanding printing products that increase product quality and development efficiency," said Jon Chung, a director at Fuji Xerox.

    The value-added solution, XMPie, offers variable-data publishing, or VDP, solutions for a wide range of personalized applications, enables personalization to cross-media campaigns, and delivers a range of solutions for different application requirements.

    All XMPie products share the underlying technologies, allowing a perfect collaboration tailored to customer needs and growth.

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