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Date: Monday September 15, 2003 11:08:00 am | Views: 247
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    St. Clair Catholic School Board latest to join list of Ontario educators reaping the rewards of colour

    Driven by the constant need to stretch education dollars, Ontario school boards, teachers and principals have been turning to network colour printers to bring affordable, high-quality colour to the classroom.

    Schools across the province have found that, although ink jet printers traditionally have lower acquisition costs, the low cost- per-page, ease of use and simple maintenance make Xerox solid ink colour printers a more cost-effective tool for teachers to develop new projects and curricula that excite and motivate students.

    “Solid ink printers are a perfect choice for the education environment,” said Connie Coleman, education sales manager for Xerox Office Group. “With the budget-pressures the educational system is facing today, technology needs to be inexpensive, easy-to-use, provide high- quality output and have the ability to stand the rigors of a classroom setting.”

    St. Clair Catholic School Board (St. Joseph School, Chatham, ON) St. Joseph School recently acquired five Xerox Phaser 8200 solid ink colour printers to create everything from signs, to stickers, posters, nametags, parent newsletters, award certificates and student projects. The school is also investigating ways to reduce outsourced printing expenses by using the Phaser 8200 to print larger project such as its yearbook.

    “The Phaser 8200 has brought our curriculum to life for the students,” said Rick Baggio, principal at St. Joseph School. “Being able to print projects in colour has increased students’ ability to be creative and makes them more excited about the end result.”

    Peel District School Board (Larkspur Public School, Brampton, ON) Charles Launder, principal, has been using a Xerox Phaser 8200 solid ink colour printer for one year, and all 1400 students and 90 staff have access to it. He says the vibrant colour output inspires his staff and, most importantly, his students.

    “We can now print projects for our students, staff and the community that we’d otherwise have had to send out to a print shop at a higher cost,” says Launder. “A perfect example is our 40-page colour yearbook, which was produced completely in house this year.”

    Thames Valley District School Board (A.B. Lucas High School, London, ON) A.B. Lucas High School also uses a networked solid ink colour printer for a multitude of printing jobs, from student presentation covers to teacher overheads. Business communications students design and produce double-sided brochures that leverage the impact of colour. The school’s printing expenses have dropped significantly, because the high cost and inconvenience of outsourcing to print shops was eliminated; projects such as award booklets and calendars are now produced in-house.

    Greater Essex County District School Board (Malden Central School, Amherstburg, ON) Malden Central School uses its solid ink printer to encourage student creativity through greater access to colour. Before purchasing the Xerox printer, a number of small colour inkjets were used – but the cost per page was so high, that only some of the students were allowed to print in colour. Students now create high-quality calendars, books, newsletters, signs and certificates.

    “We use the printer for almost everything from publishing student short stories, to developing photos, newsletters, and signs around the school,” says Jason DeLuca, grade 2 teacher at Malden Central School. “In fact, the grade 8 class even made a individualized magazine, something we would never have been able to do with inkjet.”

    Teachers, administrators and local school boards recognize the value technology brings to students in gathering and sharing information and gaining knowledge that in turn will help them reach their full potential.

    A recent survey of Canadian small businesses conducted by Environics Research on behalf of Xerox found that they overwhelmingly recognize the benefits and impact of colour. Nearly 90 per cent of respondents felt customers and clients retained information contained in colour documents and presentations much better than those created in black and white.

    “Educators have been quick to understand technology’s potential for enhancing learning and preparing students for a productive life in an increasingly competitive and busy society,” said Coleman. “Xerox Phaser printers offer an affordable means to bring the benefits of colour printing to the classroom.”

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