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Date: Friday September 12, 2003 10:13:00 am | Views: 291
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    Staples to raise $5 million for Ohio schools
    Framingham (MA): Staples is to raise up to $5 million for schools in Ohio through a statewide cartridge recycling programme.

    The programme – ‘Staples recycle for education’ – Will see the company donate $1 for every eligible cartridge recycled in its stores. All funds generated will be used to benefit the Ohio Education Association’s Educational Foundation to promote literacy as well as for other projects.

    Staples regional VP Andrew Lewis said: “This programme is an easy way for Staples to join forces with our customers and educators to help public education and the environment in Ohio. We hope to raise thousands of dollars at our 47 stores across the state.”

    The initiative also hopes to reduce environmental waste by encouraging consumers to recycle cartridges.

    Margaret Guerriero, acting director of the waste, pesticides and toxics division for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said: “The EPA has set a goal to recycle 35% of municipal solid waste by 2005 because we believe the benefits of recycling are clear – greater energy savings, less landfill space used, and greater value of materials salvaged. We appreciate Staples’ willingness to make recycling of inkjet and laser cartridges convenient for consumers.”

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