Uk's Calls The Local Police on

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Uk's Calls The Local Police on

 user 2013-07-07 at 6:08:47 am Views: 109
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    Uk's Calls The Local Police on,then takes 3 articles in 1 day From  
    Sometime last month we got a call from a nice Woman police officer Located In Thames UK,She called about our on going Exchanges with, she seamed rather sweet and of course uninformed about the on going issues between both our companies, we explain to her that has been taking articles and ideal from for over 8 years now, and that we've reach out to them many times, but the just keep hiding behind there computers like little yellow woossies, once we informed her of the constant stealing of articles from  she seamed more understanding of our plight ,the police officer seamed rather confused and limited since she's the only voice we ever heard on behalf of the and did not know much about the industry, maybe now can have a grown up call us to explain there point of view for lacking originality and integrity? 
    Obviously is a Boring dying publication witch explains why we have noticed a boost of advertisers and enquiries at from Many European Companies in our industry.

    below are 3 articles that we posted on On Thursday June 27, 2013 and 1 from June the 25th, 2013 that appeared on the the next day, all you have to do is see the dates to see why we are extremely upset about this, especially when we translate an articles from Spanish to English and they post it the next day in English. 

    here are the articles just this past week

    June 28, 2013: EU decision could increase printer and consumable prices

    June 28, 2013: Toshiba launches first MFP with erasable toner

    June 28, 2013: Canon Virginia to re-establish toner cartridge production
    (posted on on june 25th 2013 and translated to english from spanish)
    June 26, 2013: Importer found guilty of bringing counterfeit cartridges into Spain
    Dear European readers, don't waste your time with a Lousy imitation, go to the real deal and get your news direct from, we welcome you to our industry and hope you appreciate our hard work on behalf of all remanufactures and wholesalers around the world.