USA’s Action-intell, All In, More Than Ever in Helping Sell and Promote FAKE Chinese Toner Around the Globe.

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Date: Friday July 29, 2022 07:46:36 am | Views: 394
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  • jim

    Money corrupts many and USA’s Action-intell now promotes Chinese toner the same way Trump promoted conspiracy theories.

    In the UK, Therecycler.com has kind of backed off in promoting Chinese toner goods lately, in fact they are looking more like your typical European socialist news network by promoting ETIRA’s latest toner quests, which seems to be the right thing to do especially because of the EU’s issues with the environment, energy and Russia. Therecycler.com and ETIRA’s new mission of getting the Chinese to stick to a million bureaucratic rules should hopefully pan out one day. But Canon’s recent articles highlighting 900+ Counterfeit Chinese Toner listings removed from Amazon in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, France and The Netherlands (and the US) in the last 6 months of 2022, show’s that ETIRA still has a long way to go.

    On the other hand, here in the U.S. China Charley’s Action-intell.com is all in, more than ever in promoting fake toxic Chinese toner goods to the industry. In recent weeks they are promoting these stories. (1) ninestar-delivers-patent-talk-webinar (Ninestar busted over 30+ times, biggest toner counterfeiter in the world), (2) u-s-customs-says-mitos-and-asters-redesigned-cartridges-do-not-violate-brother-geo (Mito just busted last week and Aster busted in every continent around the world for counterfeiting), (3) retech-gets-cbp-clearance-to-sell-brother-tn-760-workaround-in-u-s/  (Retech is also a well known counterfeiter) (4) Canon-gets-geo-but-doesn’t-get-preferred-language/ (Amazon take downs continue for over 3 years now).

    These Action-intell promotions suggest that they are STILL promoting what we at Tonernews.com consider to be fake toner goods from these well known counteferfeiters. To be clear, just because these Chinese counterfeiters redesign a toner or even get the U.S. customs and Border Patrol to issue a statement, it doesn’t mean that OEMs cannot sue you and drag you in courts for years. OEM’s have unlimited resources to defend their products, and they will use them at any chance they get.

    To be fair comparing Action-intell to Trump’s conspiracies is a little far fetched, because at least Trump tried to help US businesses, unlike Action-intell who’s busy burying U.S. businesses.

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