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 user 2005-06-26 at 10:31:00 am Views: 74
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    Skyrocketing Printer Cartridge Costs Propel the Launch of Consumer Advocate-owned

    ANAHEIM, Calif., June, 2005 — With the cost of printers spiraling downward, it would seem that the cost of replacement cartridges would slide down right with them. “Not so,” says Tony Moraffah, President and CEO of, a new online company. “Nowadays you can purchase inkjet printers for as low as $50, after rebate. Sales of brand name cartridges for these printers are where the manufacturers are making a killing with price tags of $25 and up.” Boston economists, Harvard’s David Laibson and MIT colleague Xavier Gabaix, coined the term “shrouding” to describe a current marketing trend in which companies emphasize information that will entice consumers while making other, less appealing information, more difficult to find. “Today” show Financial Editor Jean Chatzky very recently associated the use of shrouding to the marketing of home printers, which focuses on the incredibly low, up-front cost of purchasing an inkjet printer rather than the $1,000 that consumers may pay for refill cartridges over the span of only three years.

    That’s why Tony Moraffah became a consumer advocate and started a company that sells printer cartridges at way below retail prices. He was tired of getting “ripped off” every time he had to refuel his inkjet printer with a new cartridge. Therefore, he developed a business plan utilizing recycled and generic brands, creating an online company that rivals the competition and beats them hands down on price and value.

    By becoming a consumer advocate, Mr. Moraffah was motivated to sell his other business and start up in March 2005. Since then, other dealers have called him frequently to ask just how he can pass on such low prices to his customers. His answer is simple: “High volume and low-profit margins equal low prices, and at the same time I feel my company is performing a public service.” It’s a win-win situation for small businesses as well as large institutions and individual users.

    Quality is a byword of as Tony Moraffah strives to maintain top-notch quality control. He likens his generic inkjet cartridge product to that of generic medicine, which is just as good as the high-priced brand name. Customers can save up to 80% on re-manufactured and generic inkjet and toner cartridges. Some cartridges sell for as low as $1.20. Compared to retail cost, when one does the math, they will discover a huge savings.

    The Web site features thousands of items for home and business offices. guarantees personalized customer service with fast delivery of the highest quality products at the lowest cost. If you’re fed-up with brand name ink or toner cartridge costs .

              Tony Moraffah
              1230 N. Jefferson St., Bldg. B
              Anaheim, CA 92807
              Fax: 714-832-2034