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 user 2005-06-28 at 10:05:00 am Views: 57
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    OKI Printing Solutions Expands Manufacturing Facilities to China
    tOKYO–June, 2005–OKI Printing Solutions (the brand name of Oki Data Corporation/Oki Data Americas) today announced it has expanded its digital LED color printer production capacity to China. This expansion enables OKI Printing Solutions to fulfill its aggressive growth in the expanding color page printer market and with multiple manufacturing facilities, disperse any manufacturing risks that may occur.
    “Expanding our volume production to China enables us to respond to the increasing demand for our color printers as well as reduce our costs,” said Mikihiko Maeno, President and CEO of Oki Data Corp. “Expanding the production was necessary as we sold 200,000 printers to over 120 countries around the world last fiscal year, ended March 2005. Now that we have entered the rapidly growing color multi-functional printer market in Europe and in the U.S., we are expecting to sell 350,000 color printers and MFP’s this fiscal year.”
    OKI Printing Solutions already manufactures its digital LED color printers at its manufacturing operations in Thailand. Whilst this will remain the main production plant for its color printers, Oki Electric Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (OSZ) will be responsible for the additional production, starting shipment this month. OSZ has been manufacturing monochrome LED printers as well as dot matrix printers, and is now expected to manufacture 40,000 digital LED color printers this fiscal year. With this combined role of manufacturing OSZ will produce 600,000 printers annually.
    OKI Printing Solutions also expects to further reduce costs and shorten delivery time by procuring components locally in China. In addition, by leveraging local EMS manufacturers, the company will minimize investment costs and establish a structure that is flexible to production fluctuations. With its original digital LED technology that enables compact, high-resolution, high-speed color page printing and by strengthening its sales channels, OKI Printing Solutions will continue to grow as a business printing solutions specialist providing the ideal solutions to its business customers.
    regional market variations may occur on product names
    All product images are downloadable from local websites which can be accessed via our global portal at http://www.okiprintingsolutions.
    Notes to editors:
    – OKI Printing Solutions is the brand name of Oki Data Corporation
    – Annual turnover for Oki Data Corporation is $1.4bn (FY04)
    – OKI Printing Solutions’ sales are divided between 51% Europe, 26% US, 16% Asia and 7% Others
    – OKI Printing Solutions is represented in 120 countries worldwide
    – Oki Electric, established in 1881, is a Japanese electronics manufacturer with an annual turnover of approx. $6.2bn (FY03)
    – Oki Electric employs approx. 20,410 people throughout the world with 5,679 employees outside Japan (as of March 2005)

    Oki Data to Ship Color LED Printers in China
    Tokyo  – Oki Data announced  that it will begin shipping color LED printers from Oki Electric Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. this month. The company is moving into China where many component makers already operate, in order to reduce production costs as well as time-to-market.

    Oki Data plans to produce 40,000 color LED printers in fiscal 2005 at Oki Electric Industry (ShenZhen) which manufactures monochrome LED printers and dot-matrix printers.

    The company currently manufactures color LED printers at Oki Data Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and shipped more than 200,000 units in fiscal 2004. Oki Data forecasts that sales of color LED printers combined with color multi-function printers will reach 350,000 units worldwide in fiscal 2005.

    By having color LED printer production operations in both Thailand and China, Oki Data will be able to better cope with risks.