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 user 2005-07-06 at 10:46:00 am Views: 66
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    Ricoh has beaten its competitors to market with the first inkjet printer-compatible 2.4x DVD+R Double Layer (DL) discs.
    Ricoh now offers all film and music fans a high-end optical storage medium that combines large storage capacity with reliable and simple archiving. Of course, you’ll need an inkjet printer capable of printing onto optical media.

    Due to its 8.5GB capacity, which is 1.8 times larger than traditional DVD storage media (4.7GB), approximately 4 hours’ of film can be recorded without interruption on a DVD+R 2.4x DL disc. More interestingly, the new discs now offer the additional advantage of direct printing using an inkjet printer – perfect for video buffs who want to archive their best films in the highest quality with a personal appearance.

    At the same time the discs can be read by most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives, according to Ricoh. As with other Ricoh storage media, the DVD+R 2.4x DL Printable discs are produced using the company’s exclusive Inverted Stack manufacturing process, which it claims ensures the highest-quality level of recording and optimised durability. At the same time, Inverted Stack stands for low-cost production of a large volume of goods with high-level finishing.

    The Ricoh DVD+R 2.4x Double Layer Printable comes in a 10-disc spindle and is expected to be available on the European market at the end of July 2005. The selling price has yet to be determined.