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 user 2003-09-24 at 4:39:00 pm Views: 158
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    Cap Ventures: Western European Toner Market
     The Latest Trends & Developments

    In 2001, Europe Accounted for approximately 33% of the total world demand for toner. The dynamics of the toner market in Europe are changing, driven by the growth in colour printing, faster print and copy speeds, and greater demands on the type of toner required for today’s applications. All of these factors are shaping the future of toner development and manufacturing, adding new challenges for European-based producers.

    Total Market: The size of the total Western European toner market in 2001 was 54.5 million Kg, representing a value of $3.7 billion. This figure includes all black and colour toner in mono or dual component form consumed in Western Europe. By 2002, CAP Ventures expected the total toner market to grow to just under 60.6 million Kg, or $4.1 billion. In 2006, we expect the market to have reached over 88.7 million Kg, representing a value of $6.3 billion.

    Toner consumed in copiers reached over 19.5 million Kg in 2001, and grew to nearly 21 million Kg in 2002. By 2006, CAP Ventures expects to see this volume reach 27 million Kg. Whilst the toner used in printers and copiers is projected to increase over the forecast period, the toner used in fax devices is expected to decline at a -6% compound annual growth rate.

    Black Vs. Colour: The vast majority of toner consumed in Europe for printers, copiers, and fax machines is black. This will continue to be the case over the course of the forecast period. In 2001, black toner accounted for over 49 million of the 54.5 million Kg total.

    It is the colour segment that will provide the biggest growth opportunity for many toner manufacturers. Whilst colour toner in 2001 represented 10% of the total market, CAP Ventures expects colour to account for 20% of the total toner share by 2006. This growth is being driven by the development of lower-cost colour capable devices as well as toner technology developments such as chemically produced toner (CPT).

    The European toner market is one of the most competitive segments of the digital imaging industry. Healthy competition and encompassing market conditions have helped the toner market in Europe to grow at a steady rate, and CAP Ventures expects this growth to continue through to 2006 and beyond.