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 user 2005-08-17 at 10:42:00 am Views: 75
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    US Ink Releases Press Doctor 2006
    NEW YORK US Ink, Carlstadt, N.J., released an enhanced edition of Press
    Doctor, its comprehensive trouble-shooting guide for coldset web
    printers that is a part of US Ink’s RealColor program.

    Press Doctor 2006 contains more than 1,000 pages of technical solutions
    to “virtually every aspect of the printing process,” according to US
    Ink. “We’ve taken the best of our research and technology, combined it
    with the best practices of our customer base and created an interactive
    CD that can make any pressroom run more smoothly and efficiently,”
    Customer Service Director Dennis Cheeseman said in a statement,

    New in Press Doctor 2006 are updates on technical topics, information
    on ink mileage and high-strength inks, temperature control and input
    for ink systems, the Specifications for Newsprint Advertising
    Production (SNAP), technical tips for obtaining SNAP certification,
    updated graphics, and hyperlinks.

    Calling it “a proactive piece of software,” Cheeseman said Press Doctor
    2006 “not only helps printers solve existing problems, but more
    importantly, makes them aware of what can be done to prevent problems.”
    Meeting advertisers’ and readers’ greater print-quality expectations
    from printers with greatly increased color capacity “requires life-long
    learning of evolving technology associated with coldset web printing,”
    said Operations Vice President Larry Lepore.