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 user 2005-08-27 at 6:52:00 am Views: 67
  • #12393

    How can anyone say inks for less are good.every business i know who has used them has encountered problems with them.All they do is basically inject ink into a cartridge.they have no printers for circuit testing,or test printing,no centrigues,no digital scales to weigh there products,the only people who buy from inks for less are first time users who know no better,until the second time around.

    and lets face it aguiluz comes from one of the richest families in the philippines so trying to make out he is some saint who started on a low budget is total nonsense…his family own ama computer colleges and several other large business…no corporate business would go near inks for less.

    if they are so good please answer the following question…when a client goes to one of there shops to refill how would they know the cartridge is empty?if they dont weight it?how would they know if the circuits are working,as they have no printers in there shops to test them on?how would they know how to prime it properly with no printers to test print on.

    its because of inks for less that ink refills businesses in the philippines have such a bad name