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 user 2005-08-27 at 11:53:00 am Views: 104
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    Xerox and Entrepreneur Mag Add Fizz to Brewer’s Office

    Xerox and Makeover Team Brew up a Whole New Office for the Nation’s
    ‘Most Deserving Small Business’ – Milwaukee’s Sprecher Brewing.

    GLENDALE, WI & STAMFORD, CT, Aug, 2005 – Going from dreadfully
    flat to dramatically fizzy, the offices at the nation’s “Most Deserving
    Small Business” have an entirely new look, the latest digital
    technology, and fresh insights on how to work smarter, thanks to a
    complete overhaul revealed today at the conclusion of Xerox
    Corporation’s (NYSE: XRX) and Entrepreneur magazine’s office makeover

    The Winner…
    Contest winner Sprecher Brewing Co. of Milwaukee has ditched its
    dark paneled walls, unproductive printers and shabby chairs – and now
    boasts efficient Xerox document systems, colorful and comfortable
    interiors designed by Thom Filicia of NBC/Bravo’s Emmy Award-winning
    show Queer Eye, and all new office furniture from The HON Company.

    Sprecher Brewing Co. earned the “Most Deserving Small Business”
    title in July. While the company has been focused on giving back to
    its community and succeeding as a microbrewery and maker of gourmet
    sodas, the company’s office environment was largely left behind. In
    just two weeks, crews transformed the dark, dreary office into a
    productive, inviting and exciting work space. The newly renovated
    office was revealed earlier this morning on NBC’s Today Show.

    “As a small-business owner, I don’t have time to focus on our
    office space and work processes. Winning this contest and seeing the
    change in our environment, I realize what an impact it will have,”
    says Randy Sprecher, owner and founder, Sprecher Brewing Co. “This is
    really going to increase morale in the office, and the new technology
    from Xerox will help us communicate better and work more

    Makeover Components
    Kicking off the makeover, Xerox evaluated the brewery’s office work
    processes and determined the best mix of hardware and software to
    improve workflow and meet the company’s document management needs. The
    resulting technology recipe: a combination of color and black-and-white
    printers and multifunction systems, Xerox flat-panel computer monitors,
    a Xerox digital projector and various software and content management
    programs. Among the products installed are a Xerox WorkCentre(R) Pro
    128 advanced multifunction system that prints up to 28 pages per minute
    and copies, faxes and scans, and a WorkCentre(R) M20i basic
    multifunction system.

    Previously, Sprecher’s creative employees designed bottle labels,
    packaging, advertising and signage using a slow, expensive inkjet
    printer to proof the artwork. With a new 35 ppm Xerox Phaser(R) 7750
    color laser printer, the design team can proof their color creations
    immediately and inexpensively, right in their office.

    “The right mix of document technology and services can help any
    size business dramatically boost office productivity,” says Michael C.
    Mac Donald, Xerox’s chief global marketing officer. “By uncovering
    bottlenecks in Sprecher’s work processes and bringing multifunction
    capabilities and color into their office, we can help them save time,
    cut costs and grow their business.”

    A Digital Vat?
    To help the brewery digitally file all of the existing mismanaged
    paperwork, Xerox installed its DocuShare(R) software, a secure,
    Web-based document and content management system used by
    small-to-medium sized businesses like Sprecher, as well as larger
    enterprises. DocuShare will help Sprecher organize and archive files
    such as the company’s charitable contribution records; track document
    versions for artwork and marketing materials; and boost collaboration
    among office employees and sales people in the field.

    And a Facelift
    In addition to the technology boost, interior design specialist
    Filicia and a team from his design firm, Thom Filicia Inc., gave the
    office a facelift. No longer will employees greet their work days with
    stained carpet, dangling wires and dull lighting.

    Incorporating Sprecher’s logo colors, the office now has
    light-yellow walls and red carpet that make the office brighter and
    livelier, complemented by softer overhead lighting and more natural
    light. The design also incorporates pieces of Sprecher’s heritage.
    Vintage Milwaukee artwork adorns the walls, and bowls of malted barley
    decorate employees’ desks.

    Posh Executive Environment
    A successful brewing company, Sprecher still lacked an appropriate
    environment for company leaders. But Filicia’s team created an
    executive suite area, complete with raised 12′ ceilings, a conference
    room and three executive offices.

    And throughout the entire office, a mish-mash of furniture has
    been replaced with new furniture from The HON Company for an upscale,
    professional look. Furnishings, such as Valido(TM) desks and fabrics
    from HON’s Simple Textiles(TM) collection make the workplace a more
    comfortable and productive environment, enabling Sprecher to easily
    add on furniture elements as the company grows.

    “Working with Thom Filicia, we focused on providing Sprecher with
    a comfortable yet efficient work space,” said Dave Burdakin, president
    of The HON Company. “Together, we created an atmosphere that will
    positively impact the company’s office environment and inspire its
    employees to continue their great work in the community.”
    Additional support for the office makeover was provided by Digital
    Office Solutions Inc., InterfaceFLOR, Omtool Ltd. and Room & Board.
    Results of the makeover will be included in a special section of the
    November issue of Entrepreneur magazine. In addition to before and
    after photos showing the stunning transformation, the article will
    feature interviews with the winners and judges, exclusive office design
    tips from Filicia, and profiles of the runners-up.

    “Most Deserving Small Business” Contest
    Xerox and Entrepreneur magazine set out to find a small businessthat
    was not only in dire need of a design and technology overhaul,but one
    that was giving back to its community. In addition to haveoutdated
    surroundings, Sprecher Brewing Co. demonstrated a commitment
    to helping others. Sprecher annually donates thousands of dollarsworth of beverage products to local charities.