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 user 2005-09-03 at 10:43:00 am Views: 66
  • #12597

    Dear Friend:
    In the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty, there are
    historic opportunities when the world gathers together, rolls up our
    sleeves and works to find real, shared solutions to tough problems.

    On September 14th, leaders from more than 170 nations will meet in New
    York City.  At the very heart of this largest gathering of world
    leaders in history will be progress on agreed, international goals like
    getting every child into school, helping every community get clean
    water and fighting AIDS and malaria.  Simply put, achieving these
    “Millennium Development Goals” would transform the hopes of a
    generation.  Today, you can take a seat at the negotiating table -
    by asking President Bush to take advantage of the World Summit and
    forge an historic partnership to help Africa and the poorest nations
    overcome global AIDS and extreme poverty.

    Sign on to the ONE letter to President Bush today, and ask him to do more to fight poverty at the World Summit.

    Millions of lives depend on whether the nations of the world agree to a
    practical, measurable plan to accomplish these goals.  America has
    already made strong commitments to fighting poverty, disease and
    corruption, but we cannot accomplish these alone – ask President Bush
    today to ensure that the World Summit produces a meaningful agreement
    that every nation, rich or poor, will do its part to help the poorest
    people of the world.  

    Please sign the letter to President Bush, and then ask 3 friends and family members to join you.

    Over 1.5 million Americans are uniting as ONE across political and
    religious divides, supporting a commitment to work with other countries
    to overcome the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty.  We
    need other nations, and they need us, to build a better future for us
    all.  Reaching across differences, together, we can make poverty
    Thank you,
    The ONE Team
    P.S. You can learn more about the World Summit and the Millennium Development Goals on the ONE.ORG blog