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    IBM Unveils New High-Speed Printer
    BOULDER, CO. – September,
    2005 — IBM  today announced the next generation of the IBM
    Infoprint 4100 family of high-speed, high-volume continuous forms
    printers. Driven by the new IBM Infoprint POWER Controller, IBM�s
    flagship production printer extends the benchmark in printer
    performance, reliability and productivity.

    These new models solidify IBM’s production line as among the most
    powerful and efficient in the industry, delivering top quality at high
    speeds, while helping clients lower their overall cost of printing.
    They are designed to extend IBM�s leadership in advanced variable data
    printing, serving clients in a variety of industries including
    financial services, telecommunications, government and commercial

    For example, clients printing statements or bills can reduce operations
    costs with the new high speed and flexibility of the Infoprint 4100,
    all while providing excellent quality for text, graphics and images,
    for a competitive advantage. Direct mailers and service bureaus can
    lower costs by running a broad range of paper weights at higher speeds.
    Book printers can use the Infoprint 4100 to help reduce the costs of
    printing short run books or technical manuals.

    �Regardless of what�s being printed, all customers want to streamline
    processes and improve the delivery of information to their own
    customers, while ensuring the high print quality and reliability of
    their data,� said David Myers, director production print solutions, IBM
    Printing Systems.

    Providing the high levels of image and text quality traditionally
    available only from cutsheet solutions, the Infoprint 4100�s hardware
    enhancements include technological advancements in the printhead,
    developer and fusing mechanisms, plus an integrated optical density
    feedback system for sharp, clear images and text, job after job.
    Software enhancements include customized, selectable halftones with
    four screen frequencies and an innovative 256-level grayscale
    simulation of color objects using IBM patented technologies.

    POWER Technology Drives Higher Speeds, Lower Costs
    Available on select models, the IBM Infoprint POWER controller
    represents the evolution of IBM�s proven Advanced Function Common
    Control Unit architecture. The 64-bit, multi-processing controller
    enables the latest IBM Infoprint 4100 models to run at IBM�s
    highest-rated speed�an 18 percent increase from the prior generation.
    Faster throughput allows customers to consolidate production printers
    to significantly reduce the total cost of print operations, increase
    printer utilization and improve overall throughput. It�s the latest
    extension of IBM�s Power Architecture, which also includes
    microprocessors that power supercomputers, UNIX servers, storage
    systems, cell phones, video game systems and other high-tech devices.

    With exceptional multiprocessing capabilities, the Infoprint POWER
    Controller helps operations prepare for the future with the AFP Color
    Emulation feature. This future component is designed to help customers
    looking to migrate to color printing start preparations today.
    Customers can have the ability to improve the effectiveness of their
    output while increasing application versatility and reduce conversion
    cost. The workload for gray-scaled color object support on the
    Infoprint 4100 is handled by multiple POWER5 processors, providing
    highly scalable processing capability.

    Unique Productivity Feature Helps Clients Better Manage Operations
    A key time- and money-saving tool available on the Infoprint 4100 is
    the Enhanced Productivity Tracking feature. Supported by Infoprint
    Productivity Suite Software and Infoprint Manager, this unique software
    tool allows operators to view information at a glance. They can see
    data on printer performance, operator activities and print job
    statistics to increase productivity. Production operation data is
    logged and retained in a DB2 database. Operation managers can now query
    what has occurred throughout the production cycle to help verify up-
    and down-time, measure productivity and manage costs.

    Infoprint 4100 Integral Part of IBM Output Environment
    IBM also today outlined the IBM Output Environment, a technology
    roadmap for the future, designed to allow clients to leverage IBM�s
    current and future products, services, and expertise in order to
    integrate and optimize output across their enterprises. The IBM Output
    Environment provides a technology roadmap to link current and future
    IBM Infoprint hardware, software and services offerings.

    It also offers a platform for revolutionary technology advantages like
    color emulation and support, POWER controllers, workflow management,
    business integration, and productivity management tools. The framework
    can not only integrate printer hardware and software, but also
    seamlessly link print technologies to IBM server, software, and
    services offerings, allowing clients to take advantage of IBM�s breadth
    of technology advantages and expertise approaches that drive business
    growth while keeping a check on costs.