Block of 51641A OEM Empties

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Block of 51641A OEM Empties

 user 2005-09-13 at 4:57:00 pm Views: 98
  • #12461

    We have a block of HP 51641A Empties to Sell.  Buyer Pays for Shipping and we require half up front/half when shipment arrives.

    We believe the product is in good condition/no physical damage and looking to unload quickly.

    Would be shipping from the Detroit area and you arrange freight.  Have a loading dock.


    Each empty indivually wrapped and boxed.  Shrink rapped well and be on one pallet.

    Do not know the weight.  Sorry!


    Please shoot us your best price.  Looking to unload quickly!


    1500 OEM EMPTIES!

    Product sold as is and not responsible for any empties being damaged through shipping and etc.