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 user 2005-09-15 at 10:10:00 am Views: 73
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    Microsoft adds Canon colour to Windows Vista
    Microsoft has chosen
    Canon’s Kyuanos’ colour management technology for its new Windows
    ‘Vista’ operating system due out next year. The companies claim that
    Kyuanos will provide the Windows Colour System with better
    screen-to-print matching, better overall colour appearance, and support
    for higher fidelity printing.

    The boom in digital cameras, camera phones and the increasing use of
    the Web to publish galleries of photographs through online services
    like Picasa and Flickr, as well as the increasing use of photo quality
    printers, mean that picture editing and colour fidelity are
    increasingly in demand. Microsoft intends to provide users with new
    tools to take advantage of the capabilities of modern colour devices
    such as digital cameras and colour printers.

    As part of Windows Vista, the Windows Color System will supply
    the new colour infrastructure and translation engine that compensates
    for the differences in colours that happens between input and output
    devices and provide a uniform color reproduction. Microsoft says that
    the system will support higher-fidelity colour with greater bit depths,
    multiple colour channels and alternative colour spaces. Windows Vista
    will also provide a central colour control panel and a monitor
    calibration wizard.

    Microsoft says that the Colour System will be configurable to allow
    hardware and software developers to add extensions for their own

    The two companies say they are also working on a number of additional
    technologies for the digital photographer, including the previously
    announced support for RAW images. Other developments in progress
    include connectivity options based on XML (Extensible Markup Language)
    Web services, and offerings using the XML Paper Specification formerly
    known by its code name ‘Metro’.

    Microsoft and Canon say these technologies are on course to be included in Vista when it appears next year.